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Expert Treatment Just for You

Star Med Spa is focused on its clients and their exceptional experience. With its highly skilled aesthetician with over 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetics.

Star Med Spa outshines other med spas with its unique service. First free initial consultation followed up with a visit with Dr. Khadbai to ensure high quality care as well as your cosmetic needs are met.

This dynamic duo ensures each client has an extraordinary experience with offering impeccable services to guarantee high client satisfaction.

Helping your face can help someone else’s

We proudly supportLogo of Operation Smile

Operation Smile has provided hundreds of thousands of safe surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate. With more than three decades of expertise, Operation Smile creates solutions that deliver free surgery to people where it’s needed most. As one of the largest medical volunteer-based nonprofits, Operation Smile has mobilized thousands of medical volunteers from a wide range of medical specialties from more than 80 countries. Operation Smile engages public-private partnerships to advance health care delivery, train local medical professionals to provide surgical care for patients in their communities, donate crucial medical equipment and supplies, and increase access to surgical care so that everyone living with cleft is treated.

Star Med Spa

Customized Services

You are unique, and so is your skin. We listen to your skin issues carefully and discuss the overall treatment with you. Our specialists present and suggest various options and help you choose the best treatment plan suitable for your skin.

Unlike others, we share the details of the procedures with you so that you are aware of your therapy. We offer a customized solution after carefully considering your skin needs, type and tolerance level, and lifestyle.

Star Med Spa

Advanced Technology & Quality Products

A bad skin product can leave long-lasting effects on your skin. We understand this well and use only the finest quality skincare products for all cosmetic treatments. When we start our therapy, we make sure every product is safe to use and matches the highest industry standards.

We also implement the most advanced technologies or tools to make our entire treatment process easy, comfortable, and effective for you.